Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Kraft Plus Challenge August 2018

Hello my friends

I'm back sharing another new and exciting challenge for you to participate in. This time it's Kraft Plus. This month we are inspired by Terracotta.

The aim for this month is to include terracotta elements, the colour of perhaps a photo of a Terracotta item. You can interpret it in any way you like as long as it's created on kraft.

I decided to take it literally and include a real Terracotta item. I therefore broke a small terracotta container and affixed the broken half using lots of #13arts gel medium and a combination of cardboard and 13arts roots to stabilize the  3D object.

As you can see I prettied it up using beautiful 49AndMarket Flowers.

I was really inspired by this challenge as it reminded me that as humans, we are but fragile vases. It does not take much to cause cracks in our self esteem or the way we deal with things. There are times when we make mistakes and critisice ourselves while there can also be those times when life and the challenges we face are truly hard. We crack, we break and sometimes it feels like we will never be able to put it all together again.

But this post is not meant to be sad, although it made me dig a little deeper than the surface. Good news is we can be made whole again.

Did you know that there is a Japanese custom where they use gold to mend broken jars?

If you are religious you would also know this amongst other references in the Bible where we are told that we are just clay in the hand of the Potter. He can make us beautiful again and heal all the cracks and mend our broken pieces.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed your time here and hope you are inspired to play along with us at Kraft Plus this month.

Till next time take care and have fun.


More than Words Challenge August

Hello dear friends

It's the 1st of August and we have a beautiful new challenge over at More Than Words for you. This month our Word Inspiration is Yesterday and our Creative Challenge is for you to include something Vintage in your page.

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love doing Vintage pages. There is just something so romantic about it.  I was inspired by this photo of my cousin and his beautiful wife, kissing and celebrating their engagement. It made me think, and occurred to me that love is one of those things that never really gets old, even though it's been around since the beginnings of time. Unlike the car and vintage lace elements of my project, it's not old, because it's new for everyone engaging in it, yet it  is vintage. Love is like a treasure of yesterday, we are be blessed with to enjoy every day and for however long it's granted to us.

I hope I make sense... or maybe it's just me speaking gibberish.

Here are some detail shots.

I added to the Vintage elements by adding 13arts rust powder and Metalic paints to my Archival board embellishments l.

For more information to play along go to the blog by following this link and check out the inspiration form my fellow team members.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Till next time, have fun.


Friday, 6 July 2018

More than Words Challenge July

Hello dear friends

It's July and I am back sharing another beautiful Challenge with you. This month at More than words we would like you to warm up and remember all those wonderful sunny holidays at the beach. Yes our inspiration word is Beach and for the creative challenge, we would like you to incorporate shells, somewhere in your project. I don't think it can be any easier, do you agree? :)

I really loved our theme this month. My layout was inspired by this photo of my husband and I on Blouberg Beach in Cape Town. I love the times we walk on the BEACH and picking up tiny shells. For the creative challenge, I included some of the pansy SEASHELLS and other small white shells 
which we have gathered on a local beach

As you can see, I my favorite 13arts sprays and mix media products to create a background on my canvas and them embellished it using beautiful 49 And Market Flowers and shells we have collected.

For more information to play along, visit our website at and check out the inspiration from the rest of the team.

Thank you so much for visiting today. I can't wait to see what you create. Till next time, take care and have fun.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Hello my friends

I am back sharing another June Challenge. This time we are going on a Journey at More Than Words Challenge and we would like you to show and tell us how this word inspired you. In addition to the Inspiration word, Journey, we also need you to include a map somewhere in your project as part of our creative challenge.

I was inspired by this photo of my husband and I in the desert near Dubai. We love to travel and have visited a number of destinations. Yet, one of our biggest trips was 9 years ago when we left our birth country to come to Australia and eventually become citizens. You see, life itself is a JOURNEY. Sometimes you think you know where you are heading, and then everything changes and forces you to change course. Other times you have to walk through a desert to find your oasis and sometimes you have to piece the map together to find your way. What is important though is to enjoy the ride! For the creative challenge, I tore pieces of a MAP patterned tissue paper and decoupaged it to add them on my background. I also fussy cut both a geographical and town map of Darwin to use under the photo. To finish it off, I used a die-cut globe image and a map stamp.

For more info on this challenge or to check out inspiration from the rest of the team, visit the blog at

Thank you so much for visiting today. I will be back soon sharing another fun challenge for you to join. Till then, take care and enjoy your creating journey.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Kraft Plus Challenge June

Hello dear friends

I am back sharing my take on our Kraft Plus Challenge. This month we are inspired by Dr Seuss. You can use his quotes or images to inspire your project.

I chose to use this quote for inspiration: " You are you. Now isn't that pleasant?", but changed part of it to say You are you, Be Yourself.

For more information about the challenge visit the blog and check out the inspirational projects from the rest of the team.

Thank you so much for visiting today. 
Till next time, have fun.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

More than Words Challenge May 2018

Hello everyone

I hope you have been well. I'm back today sharing my take on our new challenge at More than Words. This month we would like you to create a project, inspired by the word "Memories". Our creative challenge is frames, so for you to qualify, we need you to add a frame of some kind.

I created this layout using 4 resin frames with a Chipboard title from Scrap FX, "Captured Memories".

Close up details:

As you can see I used the beautiful Vintage Paper Collection by #13arts coupled with lots of #49AndMarket flowers. 

 I  painted my Scrap FX chipboard pieces with the new #13arts Glow Colours. I just love how rich these watercolour paints are and I am sure you would agree that the shine it adds to the chipboard is just amazing.

Please visit the blog for more details on how to play along and checkout the stunning creations by my fellow team members.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I hope you enjoyed your time here.

Till next time, have fun creating.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Kraft Plus Challenge April

Hello there everyone

I hope you all had a good Easter Weekend. I am back from my holiday in Thailand and really happy to share my take on our brand new challenge at Kraft Plus this month. 

As always our challenges are beautiful and fun but I think this one is extra special. We ask you to create a Kraft project including 4 elements: Something new, Something old, Something borrowed and Something blue. You can make any kind of project as long as it's Kraft and contain these 4 elements. 

Here is my take on it:

I decided on making a card and absolutely loved it. It was like taking a trip through memory lane and putting stuff together I forgot I have. :) 

Something old:

  • The yellow heart hatpin my aunt gave to me as part of a trinket box, full of stuff when the scrapbooking bug first bit me. She introduced me to this beautiful hobby and also gave me my first Scrapbooking memories magazine's. Yes this was while we still lived in South Africa and roundabout 14 years ago.
  •  The beads I strung. See before scrapbooking I used to dobble into beading and then I started gathering scrapbooking things. Really I thought I was scrapping but in effect I was just hording. 

Something new:

  •  The new lazer- cut images and flowers  from 49AndMarket.
  • The beautiful new mixed media inks, glitter,  grit and wood veneer word from 13arts.

Something borrowed: 

  • The resin embellishments. See my hubby and I both have hobbies. He makes knives which also means he sometimes cast resin for the knife handles. It's great because it means that I get to "borrow" his resin and equipment to have my stuff. And other times we use my mica powder for his stuff, though it's a good trade off I think 😉 
  • I also borrowed a card design from a previous set of cards I made that was featured in Australian Simple Cards Magazine earlier this year.

Something blue: 

  • The checkered blue card backing.
  • Blue flower at the bottom.

Come and join us this month and play along:

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I hope you enjoyed your time here and 
Till next time have fun 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

More than Words Challenge March 2018 - Enjoy everyday moments

Hello my friends

Time has flown by so quickly and I am back to share my take on our new challenge at More than Words this month.

This month we ask that you create a project inspired by the word Comfortable and use at least 3 of the colours in the moodboard.

I was inspired by my love for coffee. There's few things that's almost always appropriate and coffee is one of those. Whether you are enjoying a cosy moment with a friend, with your favourite book or magazine, a business meeting, or a couple of moments to breathe when things are crazy, coffee always makes it better.

For more information on how to play along visit our blog at and check out the stunning work by my fellow team members.

I used this beautiful sheet of paper and these flowers from 49AndMarket.


 I chose to use Scrap FX chipboard and coloured it with a mixture of 13@rts metallic paint and Colour duo powders and shiny powders.

I also coloured my mesh and some of my flowers with #13arts water ink and gesso.

Till next time have fun and enjoy creating.