Saturday, 12 November 2016

Be Brave

Hello dear friends

I'm back sharing my take on this month's Scrap the Boys Challenge. This time we require you to scrap a boy's layout featuring any kind of sport.

I used this fabulous photo of my cousin. Werner was a top paramedic in his time, who saved many lives. Like most boys he loved his wheels. motorbikes, cars and quads.

Today after many eye operations he is blind as result of diabetes. In the last 3 years he has been in and out of hospital, had a 4 artery heart bypass, broken ribs and kidney issues. At the age of 32 he keeps fighting the sickness. For myself, I would like to remember his glory days, how strong he still is despite the difficulty and all the lives he touched. You are a champ Werner, and so we will keep remembering you.

Friends I don't do sad posts as a rule and if anything sad ever happens in my life, you will never read it on my Facebook page. However this is so close to my heart that I could not help but to share with you today.

Let's appreciate everything we have. Let's look at all the things we receive every day and rejoice in the quantities of blessings we so easily take for granted. Scrap, create and savor the special moments of the ones you love.

With that I invite you to  come and join us this month and share the special moments and joy your boys find in their chosen sport.

Till next time


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