Friday, 15 January 2016

Hello my crafty friends

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful new year and are enjoying the first couple of weeks so far. I am on holidays in South Africa  so apologies for my absence. Travel makes life fun and allow us to take loads of photos for when we get back.

So for my first post today, I would like to share my take on  Colour Stories inspiration's case flexible 186. This case file has closed by now and I have shared on Facebook,  but I would like to share some of the joy in creating this layout with you.  Christmas layouts are my nemesis.  I simply don't have the cute photos of kids or people in Santa hats,  so I had to dig a little deeper.

It has been 7 years since my last Christmas in South Africa and for me it has always been a fan time for family and sharing love. It is also a time to remember the real meaning of Christmas and how wonderful this night changed our lives so many years ago.

I am proudly Australian now and proud to be a citizen but the lack of family during this time of year can take some time to adjust to. I have learnt to love and enjoy Christmas with my hubby and friends but these memories are simply too precious not to share. So I used the photos my hubby took on 25th of December 2008, our last Christmas in South Africa .  They are far from perfect and I had to change the colour to black and white or make it or,  but they really real and to me they are precious. So here's a tip it's not always about the perfect photo but the memories that gives it meaning. You may have similar ones you have wanted to scrap but didn't because they don't look good enough.  So I  dare you go and find them,  dust the off and capture your memories.

Case file

My take on this


Till next time have fun and stay tuned for more scary fun.

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