Thursday, 3 July 2014

Change is as good as a holiday, or that's what some might say

Dear friends,

You may have noted that the blog name has changed. After spending some time blog hopping, I discovered another blog and domain with the same name and decided it's time for change. Not only do I want to avoid confusion, but allow my audience to recognise my work and find me with ease rather than confusing my stuff with someone else's. So yes, it's still me, if fact a bit more of me, having personalised the blog to officially carry my name.

I also thought I'd give you a little peek into my "real" scrap yard, by posting a photo of the aftermath of a long all-night scrap session. Brace yourselves though, I'm not sure if I should feel proud or ashamed of this one...

Surely you can relate, can't you?

I'm looking forward to continue to chat with all of you in the future, so keep well and have a fabulous time creating.